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Mechanical Instrument Calibration Services

Our mechanical calibration program is designed to ensure the continued accuracy and precision of your instruments. The following attributes are included with each calibration:

  • Cold Room Environment
  • NIST traceability
  • ISO 17025:2017 compliance
  • Calibration label showing our certification date and due date for the next calibration
  • Certificate of Traceable Calibration list the measurement standards used and the environmental conditions at the time of calibration
  • Recall System where we notify you to schedule recalibration to maintain your instrument’s certification

Dimensional1Angle Gage Blocks
Dimensional3Bore Gages
Dimensional4Calibrator, Depth, Micrometer, Caliper
Dimensional5Caliper to 12"
Dimensional185Customer Setup Jigs
Dimensional9Cylindrical Squares
Dimensional10Depth Micrometer
Dimensional11Depth Micrometer, Additional Rods
Dimensional13Dial Indicator
Dimensional15Dial Indicator, Calibrator
Dimensional16Electronic Linear Amplifier
Dimensional17Fineness of Grind Gage
Dimensional19Height Gage to 18"
Dimensional18Gage Blocks
Dimensional20Height Gages
Dimensional23Inside Micrometers, Additional Extensions
Dimensional184Hole Gage, Leaf Feeler Gages
Dimensional22Inside Micrometers
Dimensional25Lead Length Gage
Dimensional27Level, Precision
Dimensional145Luer Taper Gage Sets
Dimensional174Measuring Tables
Dimensional36Outside Micrometer to 4"
Dimensional192Metric Thread Plugs
Dimensional33Optical Micrometer
Dimensional34Optical Scale
Dimensional37Outside Micrometers
Dimensional39Parallel Bar Sets
Dimensional40Plain Pin Gages
Dimensional42Plain Ring Gages
Dimensional31Profile Projector, Optical Comparator
Dimensional180Protractor, Digital
Dimensional45Radius Gage Sets
Dimensional48Ruler/Tape Measures
Dimensional49Screw Pitch Gages
Dimensional50Sine Bars & Sine Plates
Dimensional52Snap Gages
Dimensional200Speedfam Flatness Fixtures
Dimensional56Spline Gages
Dimensional57Steel Ball Sets
Dimensional58Steel Squares
Dimensional59Surface Analyzers
Dimensional177Surface Plates 12"x12" maximum
Dimensional61Taper Bar Gages
Dimensional62Taper Thread Gages
Dimensional64Thickness Meter, Magnetic
Dimensional63Thickness Meter, Ultrasonic
Dimensional66Thread Plug Gage, English
68Thread Ring Gage, American
Dimensional69Thread Ring Gage, Metric
Dimensional194Thread Ring Plus
Dimensional70Thread Wire Sets
Dimensional73Wire Gages
Dimensional74Wire Measuring Machines

Force77Force Gages
Force79Force Gage, to 500lbs.
Force82Force Gage, to 5000lbs.
Force83Load Cell, to 10,000lbs.
Force179Load Cells
Force195Tension Test for Crimps
Force / Dimensional84Cable Tensionmeters
Force / Dimensional85Crimping Tools
Force / Dimensional86Deadweight Pressure Systems
Force / Dimensional87Crimping Tool, Hydraulic
Force / Dimensional90Torque Testers
Force / Dimensional91Torque Wrenches
Force / Dimensional92Torque Wrench, to 600ft-lbs.
Force / Dimensional93Torque Watch, Screwdrivers
Force / Dimensional94Wire Strippers
Force / Velocity98Force Velocity Systems
Force / Velocity99Wire Wrap Guns
Gloss100Gloss Meters
Hardness96Hardness Tester, Rockwell
Mass75Aircraft Weighing Kit, to 150,000 lbs.
Mass97Weighing / Counting Scales
Mass175Small Scales
Mass / Volume103Micropipettes
Mass / Volume104Salinometers
Mass / Volume105Specific Gravity Meters
Mass / Volume106Weight per Gallon Cups
Mass / Volume107Weights, Torque & Deadweight
Mass / Volume189Volume Containers
Pressure117Pressure Gages
Pressure120Pressure Gage, to 10,000psi
Pressure124Pressure Transducers
Pressure / Flow109Air Velocity Meters
Pressure / Flow178Fume Hood
Pressure / Vacuum111Barometers
Pressure / Vacuum113Pressure Gage, Differential
Pressure / Vacuum115Pressure Transducer, Digital Calibrator
Pressure / Vacuum119s
Pressure / Vacuum123Pressure Switchs
Pressure / Vacuum125Vacuum Gage, Thermocouples
Pressure / Vacuum126Vacuum Gages
Temperature127Conductivity Meters
Temperature128Dewpoint Meters
Temperature129Heat Sealers
Temperature131Ph Meters
Temperature198Temperature Baths, Portable
Temperature134Thermometer, to 600C
Temperature135Humidity Meter/Recorders
Temperature197Thermometers, 32F to 212F
Temperature199PH/Conductivity Meters
Temperature201Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Temperature190Temperature Transducers
Temperature / Viscosity137Viscosity Meter, Drain Type
Temperature / Viscosity139Viscosity Meter, ICI Cone Plate
Temperature / Viscosity140Viscosity Meter, Rotary
Temperature / Viscosity141Viscosity Meter, Rotary, Additional Spindles
Temperature / Viscosity142Viscosity Meter, Thomas Stormer
Time188Stopwatch or Timers

Normal turnaround time is three to five business days

The normal turnaround time for calibration is three to five business days and we offer Free Pickup and Delivery within the DFW Metroplex . An electronic notification program is in place to alert our customers when a calibration update is required. This program is currently used and has been successfully audited by many of our customers as an integral part of their ISO 9000 Program.

Calibrations and/or repairs are performed at our facility. On-site (your facility) calibrations may be scheduled, as well.

In the event that equipment requires repair, an estimate will be provided, in advance of any repair being performed. Should you need further information, please call us at 972/429-3722.

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